Filtering Instructions
  1. Choose a device category on the left of the blue bar above and submit it. The page will show a set of filters on the left and the filtered devices for that category on the right.
    • The filters provided are relevant to the category of devices selected.
    • There are several groups of filters (Manufacturers, Assessment, Availability etc.). The number depends on the chosen category.
    • Each filter has the number of corresponding devices, for that filter alone, in parentheses, beside it.
    • Within a group, more than one filter may apply to a device. For instance, under Assessment, all Best Rated Devices are also Clinically Validated Devices.
  2. Click on a filter to select or unselect it. You can click on the box or the text.
    • When selecting filters within a group, select all of the filters that apply to the set of devices you require to view. Consider it as any of the filters selected. Note that, if no filters within a group are selected, that filter group is simply ignored and has no effect on the selection.
    • When selecting filters across different groups, only devices satisfying all of the group selections will be shown.
    • For instance, if you were to select Available Currently from Availability and both Home and Professional from Client Use, then this means devices that are "available currently and also for either home or professional use".
    • The list will update automatically, as you are making your selections.
  3. Click on the  Clear Filters  button, if you wish to uncheck all of the filters.
    • Note that when no filters selected, all devices for the chosen category will be shown.
  4. Points worth noting.
    • By default, validated devices that are available currently are selected. Don't forget to unclick these, as necessary, to suit your requirements.
    • When changing selections, it is generally more efficient to select new filters before unselecting previous ones.
    • The total number of devices shown will depend on the combination of filters selected, and will generally be fewer than the sum of the values in parentheses.
    • If no devices satisfy the combination selected, the message There were no devices found to satisfy all the selected conditions will be shown.
    • If this messsage is shown unexpectedly, check the selection combination, especially the Assessment and Availability groups.