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Medaval and Accuracy Video YouTube
The accuracy of medical measurement is crucial for your health and the health of your loved ones. Inaccurate measurements can easily result in misdiagnosis and that means that your medical treatment could be incorrect.
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Comparative-Equivalence Explained Video YouTube
Comparative-Equivalence is a service for manufacturers. Where a manufacturer incorporates identical technology in more than one device, Medaval can provide independent assessment of this claim via its Comparative-Equivalence service. The Medaval Comparative-Equivalence process involves comparing every feature of the respective devices. Those features required for measurement technology must be identical. Devices are then compared according to how they differ in other features, providing practical-use summary comparisons. Comparative-Equivalence is independent of validation but, where a device is certified for a particular technology, that certification can be applied to all devices where that technology is proven to be identical. Comparative–Equivalence is a full scientific study and the results are subjected to peer review.
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