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About Medaval
Incorporated in 1989 as Medical Device Assessment Ltd, the company abbreviated its name to Medaval (Medical device assessment and validation) in 2015.
The company is a non-profit organisation servicing consumers who are oblivious to the science behind medical devices.
The purpose of the site is to provide, for all purchasers of medical devices, an identifiable mark, the Medaval Certificate of Accreditation and its Brand logo, Certified as Accurate, indicating proven measurement accuracy to current standards.
The site provides a unique and comprehensive resource for information on medical devices that will provide the user, whether a health professional or lay patient, with an up-to-date assessment of the accuracy and quality of all devices providing measurements or indices of health and disease.
We survey blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters and pulse oximeters available on the market. These are assessed for accuracy in strict compliance to standard protocols and are awarded star-ratings accordingly.
Medaval provides accreditation, validation and equivalence services. Manufacturers are welcome to contact us for more details.
Read these articles about Medaval on PubMed and WHO.

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